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The Christ Quest Institute is the three year follow-up course to the Discovery Seminar. It is a personal discipleship program where Christians are taught, in a two and one half hour classroom setting, how to illustrate Christ-likeness.

All students must enter at the freshman level, then graduate to the sophomore, junior and senior levels. Classes consist of homework and lectures, question and answer opportunities, and accountability for application of the principles.

If married, both husband and wife are encouraged to participate. Because Christ-likeness is the goal of Christ Quest Ministries, are welcome to submit an application or enroll now, after attending the Discovery Seminar, to participate in Christ Quest Institute LIVE or online classes.

The thorough, personal application of the Christ Quest Institute course work guarantees that a man will: Understand the mind of a woman as Christ would as validated by his own wife. He will gain and enjoy the respect for his Christ-likeness from every family member. He will be able to effectively resolve conflicts, past and present. He will understand what is necessary to motivate others to follow his leadership as they see him follow Christ. 

Visit Christ Quest Ministries to look for up-coming seminars and other materials.
Christ Quest Institute
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Christ-Quest Institute
Are you motivated to achieve true Christ-likeness in your home and experience the marriage that God intends for you? Would you like to grow and develop your walk with Christ? Christ Quest Institute offers students the opportunity to learn how to literally illustrate Christ and, if married, lead your family as Christ would. If you are looking for these things plus much more; Christ Quest Institute is the right choice! You will never be the same, because you will be exposed to the brand of Christianity the Apostles died for, by participating in this school.